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Hey [Mar. 9th, 2013|11:31 pm]
My name is Adam. I live in Durham NC. I am interested in meeting other Straight Edge people in the area. Are there any around?
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Hey! [Jan. 24th, 2013|07:21 pm]

It's been quite a while. It seems like it's during the hard times that being Straight Edge matters the most. When I feel overwhelmed, I want to get rid of the feelings with something - anything. A few months ago, after fighting with my boyfriend, I bought a bottle of wine. Note that I've never had wine in my life. I just needed something to make me feel better. In the end, I gave it to a friend, without ever tasting a drop.

It's tough sometimes, but when I get an urge I just look at my tattoo and remind myself it's there for a reason. Hope you're all well, whatever your lifestyle choice is!

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Much delayed news. [Oct. 29th, 2009|11:37 pm]

[Current Mood |tired]

I broke edge earlier this year. I don't regret being straight edge. I don't regret breaking edge. I still respect and support it but sometimes things change for people. Maybe it wasn't for the best, but it's not for the worst. I'm not any less intelligent.

If I'm not now then I never was for 8 years.

Goodbye or hello! Which ever you choose.

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Intro [May. 21st, 2009|10:04 am]

[Current Mood |accomplished]

Hey. I'm Raven. 24. and completely edge, though getting to this point was hard as I AM an ex-user. I was addicted to opiate pain pills... I watched them kill a few people close to me, I watched my brother go to jail over his alcohol addiction, etc.

It was NEVER worth it to me and after my best friend died of a heroin overdose... I decided that it was time to straighten the fuck up. My life is worth more than a short-term euphoria.

That being said- I am edge for a few reasons-
1. I do not enjoy being CONTROLLED by a substance. I do not like to have my life ran by a pill or a shot or a whatever. That is not me...

2. I WANT TO FEEL REALITY. Yes, reality may bite sometimes, but it's Life. There will be good days and bad days... and without the bad there would be no good.

Dumbing your brain with drugs will merely numb you and as the quote from Harry Potter says,
""Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel it." ~J.K. Rowling, "The Parting of the Ways," Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, spoken by the character Albus Dumbledore" AGREED.

3. I want to live. I have been to the edge of life nd back, I have had things ruined for me completely over drugs, I regret everything that I did when I was a user and just how much money was wasted and time and everything else....


So, that is my little intro. Nice to meet you all.
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(no subject) [Apr. 15th, 2009|07:45 pm]

May 15 2009 TBA Venue, Wallingford, Connecticut
May 16 2009 Castle Rockmoore Syracuse, New York
May 17 2009 The Argyle Buffalo, New York
May 18 2009 The Vineyard Kent, Ohio
May 19 2009 The Mr. Roboto Project Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania
May 20 2009 Legion Of Doom Columbus, Ohio
May 21 2009 1511 House Indianapolis, Indiana
May 22 2009 TBA Venue St. Louis
May 23 2009 Amvets Post 19 Waterloo, Iowa
May 24 2009 the Mixtape Cafe Grand Rapids, Michigan
May 25 2009 Static Age Romeo, Michigan
May 26 2009 Siesta Nouveaux Toronto, Ontario
May 27 2009 Gary & Kevin’s Basement Ottawa, Ontario
May 28 2009 L’Agitée Montreal, Quebec
May 29 2009 Kenogami Elks Jonquiere, Quebec
May 30 2009 Salle Scout Victoriaville, Quebec
May 31 2009 Venue TBA Montreal, Quebec
Jun 10 2009 The Pirate Ship Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jun 11 2009 HELP BOOK Richmond, Virginia
Jun 12 2009 PS Warehouse Atlanta, Georgia
Jun 13 2009 The Commonwealth Jonesboro, Arkansas
Jun 14 2009 HELP BOOK Dallas, Texas
Jun 15 2009 The Compound Corpus Christi, Texas
Jun 16 2009 The Warhol San Antonio, Texas
Jun 17 2009 Chic’s Bar El Paso, Texas
Jun 18 2009 The Living Room Tucson, Arizona
Jun 19 2009 Che Cafe San Diego, California
Jun 20 2009 the CYC Fresno, California
Jun 21 2009 TBA Venue San Francisco, California
Jun 22 2009 TBA Venue Redding, California
Jun 23 2009 Moxies Soda Shop Vancouver, Washington
Jun 24 2009 TBA Venue Seattle, Washington
Jun 25 2009 28th and Davis Boise, Idaho
Jun 26 2009 TBA Venue Salt Lake City, Utah
Jun 27 2009 The Blast-O Mat Denver, Colorado
Jun 28 2009 TBA Venue Lincoln, Nebraska
Jun 29 2009 HELP BOOK Chicago, Illinois
Jun 30 2009 The Brickhouse Nitro, West Virginia
Jul 1 2009 TBA Venue Washington DC, Washington DC
Jul 2 2009 The Stolen Sleeves Collective Brooklyn, New York

my band, the effort, is doing some major touring this summer. i know this place is kinda dead, but hardcore is not. come out if you can! some dates still need to be booked, but mostly everything is 100%.

(may 26th-31st with I Refuse) www.myspace.com/irefusehc
(jun10-jul2 with Outrage) www.myspace.com/outragenb
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Hey guys [Jan. 7th, 2009|11:29 am]

[Current Location |home sweet home]
[Current Mood |calm]

Well, I just wanted to pass by and wish everyone an excellent alcohol, drugs and casual sex-free new year, lol. I can't even remember when the last time I had an alcoholic beverage was, so I'm very proud of that. I hope we can all keep our edge this year and I wish u all an incredible year 09'. Take care, and I'll be posting again soon.
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(no subject) [Dec. 12th, 2008|01:48 am]

Let's hear about your favourite Straight Edge Hardcore bands.
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We're all just one of a kind [Nov. 7th, 2008|11:04 pm]

I wear my loyalties on my wrist.

check my journal for more information.

we're not as alone as we think.
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newbie [Sep. 18th, 2008|06:07 am]

well, here's the introduction...my name is megan, i live in the mountains of NC, i'm 28 and have been straightedge for many moons. i suck at updating my journal and keeping in touch with people but i'll do my best to work on that.

hope everyone is doing well
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(no subject) [Sep. 6th, 2008|02:18 am]
How is everyone doing?

I haven't seen many new posts in a while, and it seems like i'm the only one to reply to posts!

Feel free to invite your friends on here, I'd do the same but I don't have any other straight edge friends on livejournal, unfortunately.

So once again, how is everyone's summer so far??


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posing a question [Aug. 17th, 2008|10:37 am]
Do you ever feel like you are swimming in idealism?

Interpret that how you will.

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Just thought this was mildly amusing - maybe it isn't. [Jul. 9th, 2008|09:17 am]
I am a manager at the Offutt Air Force Base Starbucks.
I work simultaneously for the man... and the man. But one of those men sells coffee while the other man drinks it. But it was a job and I needed one.

Everyone I work with fits two categories a: female - which sometimes drives me crazy, as I have been known not to be a huge fan of excessive female company.
and b: they smoke. All of them.

They all think I'm some kind of puritan. You don't drink caffeine? You don't smoke? You don't even eat MEAT?? (I live in Omaha, home of the steak eater.)

One of them was passing out some weird foreign cigs and she turned to me and said, "I know you slave along with our tobacco brothers and do not consume of their flesh, but if you ever wanted to try one, now would be a good time because this is hardly a cigarette."

One of the others said, "Honey, this is a cigarette," as she took a long drag.

Anyway, that's my anecdote. Just thought I'd help a brother out with a post.
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(no subject) [Jul. 3rd, 2008|12:54 am]
Another month and nothing new on here?

I was pretty busy myself and didn't have much to say, because I had much to do and a lot of things to think about. I spent time recording with Crucial Times, a new straight edge band we formed in Montreal, we are pretty much all new on our instruments except the singer, who is from Columbia and actually sang in a band over there, and moved here a few months ago. I am usually on guitar, vocals, or bass and since straight edge drummers are very rare here, I decided to give it a shot so that the band could start playing shows. The guitar player was actually a bass player but he writes most music to the songs, and the bass player played a bit of guitar but is still new to bass. In the end, it's sloppy, but amazing for all of us. We also played our first two shows in two different towns and people liked it, and we had a lot of fun, now we're just waiting for our first demo to be finished.

The second show we played was Monday, with NO HARM DONE (straight edge hardcore/pop-punk from florida) and OFFSIDES (CTxHC) and GET BY's final show, and it was just amazing for all of us. We talked with the guys and the girl in the two bands and ended up all liking each other's stuff a lot. We went home really happy, thinking about the new people we met and our future possibilities of playing shows with them in the U.S., it was just amazing. It was just amazing to see those bands play and have fun all together, even though not many people came out. It ended up being one of the best shows ive been to.

At the same time I played a couple shows with my other band the Omegas, fun times, working on new songs and now having a second guitar player is amazing too. Also, since we(GET BY) played our last show, we are now working on our new project, wich is going to be a little different.

How is your summer going so far?
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So i figured why not? [May. 21st, 2008|10:02 pm]

So, my band The Effort is going on a full US tour this summer. we are from boston, and are heading down to Florida, across through Texas, up through Idaho into Washington, down through CA to sound and fury, all the way down to tijuana, then back across Arizona and diagonal through to Chicago then to home.

the reason I'm posting is we need some help. most of the dates have been booked but we still need some. here is the dates we need:

Jul 18 2008
Salt Lake City, Utah

Jul 22 2008
Redding/Sacramento/Berkeley,CA (anywhere northern Cali or even san fran bay area)

Jul 28 2008
San Diego, California ( or Tijuana mexico!)

Aug 3 2008
Chicago, Illinois

if any of you live near these cities areas ( like within 150 miles) and have hook ups or know anywhere we could play or a show we could get on, let me know! any help would be appreciated with loads of new friendships, free band merch, and undending love. just ask caitlin (aka idontpussyfoot). you can check out our music at www.myspace.com/xeffortx. we are obviously a straightedge band with 2 vegan and 2 vegetarian members. check out the dates if we are playing near you and lets hang out when i come around! thanks!
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Ridiculous-ness [May. 20th, 2008|07:53 pm]

[Current Mood |bouncy]

Well, right now I should be studying, but I decided to write something to entertain people, lol; get rid of all this seriousness in the comunity. Ummm, well, here goes nothin'.


Because I'm poor as hell and drugs are expensive (this isn't really a reason, but it's still funny).

Because when life hands me lemons, I prefer lemonade over tequila.

Because I'm sexy... (get it? sexy = sXe???...... okay... never mind)

Because I don't need a beer gut.

Because I actually try to PREVENT AIDS, not spread it.

Because that bowl of nuts at the bar is filled with penis bacteria (wash your hands, guys...).

Because cigarette breath is a turn-off.

Because Edge guys are sXe (got it this time!?... okay... it may not be funny, but it's true!!).

Because life isn't a passing-out contest.

Because Straight Edge makes the world a sXer place (omg, I swear, that's the last time I'm using it, lol!).

Because I'm badass and I make my own rules.

Because I get to write stupid blogs about why I'm edge untill I run out of things to say, and end up writing a very stupid reason like how writing a blog about these reasons is a good reason.

As interesting as this has been, I gotta study for my final tomorrow. So I hope this was at least a BIT entertaining, lol. Laterz.

PS - STAY sXe! (I had to do it, LOL!!!).
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Quitting the edge [May. 17th, 2008|01:56 am]
People here that have had straight edge friends in the past know what i'm talking about: close friends deciding not to be straight edge anymore and sarting to drink and/or smoke, etc.

It happens all the time, people change their minds and in my opinion, its perfectly normal for people to change and still be respected in their choices, even if these choices don't seem to be the best ones to your eyes. So no matter how much you respect your friends in their choices, there is always a little something that stings the insides of your heart and that silently asks "why did you leave? why?".

And for some vague reasons, friendships end, interests change, people hurt, people take different directions. I honestly find it really hard to have close straight edge friends that change their minds and quit the edge because they want to feel free to drink or smoke or whatever they feel like doing. It's hard because wether you want it or not, it feels like you have less and less in common with these people, but fuck weren't you friends the day before?

Does it make Straight Edge sound stupid when we hear hundreds of stories about friends splitting up because one decided to drink? I don't know what to think. I know it is possible to remain friends but it seems like it happens only in certain circumstances. In other cases, it seems like the whole friendsip was based on having fun, talking about music, talking about life and future projects including straight edge in our lives on a long-term basis, and other subjects including the simplicity of being straight edge, and how much being straight edge means to us. Why does it feel stupid when it's gone? You feel like a part of yourself was broken, the part of yourself that believed in your friend's idea of a straight edge life.

For some reason, not being straight edge doesnt seem to be that much of a change to certain people, but at the same time, people do change. So is breaking edge a change of personnality? Or not much of a change? People change everyday and people drift apart everyday and its just the way it is in life, but for some reason, I've always been sick of that in a certain way. I'm not better than anyone else but I feel like im not changing that way, I feel like im fighting to become a better person everyday, to become the person I want to be, and to my eyes everyone knows where im going. I want to make positive changes in my life in order to be happy. Why do some people seem like they are never satisfied of where they are going, who they are, what they're doing and what they are associated with? And why does it hurt to see a friend that just never seems to be satisfied anymore? Is it just the way I see it or people sometimes seem like they regress to a state of numbness? They want to progress but they fall back in old bad habits and they become so different, like they dont care about the same things at all.

I have a lot of friends that drink, smoke, take drugs, and I've never felt really weird about, that's just who they are. I have friends that broke edge and then stepped away from me because their interests changed and they made new friends. I myself never really walked away from a friend that broke egde but I'm not perfect, I did stepped back a few times because I couldnt relate anymore, things just got more and more irritating and I just had to step back before I would have said stupid things.

Does anyone know what im talking about?
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Hello [May. 13th, 2008|06:38 pm]

[Current Location |work]
[Current Mood |curious]
[Current Music |Intuition]

I stumbled upon this site and as I looked through some of the entries I became very much interested in learning more. Could anyone tell me about edge?
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United? [May. 13th, 2008|06:03 pm]
I had a friend who had "UNITY" tattooed on the back of his calf in old english script, back when he was the staunchest of the staunchly straight edge. All of his friends were. Then slowly his friends sold out for stupid reasons. He followed.
He said later when people would poke fun, "Unity could mean anything. I could just mean unity with the world. It's positive. Shut the fuck up."

IS there inherent solidarity with straight edge?

I've never truly made a connection with anyone else who was straight edge. My boyfriend has never tasted alcohol or done any drugs, but he also never claimed edge. He "didn't need that."
Did I need it? Do I need other people to be straight edge for me to feel "united" with?

Sure it's common ground with any other edge person you meet, an instant similarity. Is there more to it?
I can't tell you how many muscle head jock strap straight edge boys have said to me, "You're not straight edge, you're a girl. It's a brotherhood."

Sure, if that's what you need to think. This isn't the cub scouts. It isn't a club.
Or is it?

Unity? Solidarity?
Legit or no?
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sXe sex [May. 9th, 2008|03:26 am]

[Current Mood |tired]

I should not be awake right now but I am. 3:26 in the morning. I do this thing where I know I should be sleeping. My eyes get heavy and my body tells me to sleep but I just . . . don't.

And to keep my mind of certain regrets or things lost I'll just write about something in here.

Oh, the 3rd X.

"(I) Don't smoke
Don't drink
Don't fuck
At least I can fucking think."

I am not abstinent but I certainly do not fuck. Have you ever sat back and thought about someone, how can they be edge when they sleep around with people? It is so demeaning and disgusting in my eyes. I have never engaged in promiscuity or hooked up with anyone and am proud to say I haven't had a one night stand. I view respecting your body and others just as highly as I do not drinking or doing drugs. Further more I would not have sex with someone I did not love.

It's not me. It's not in my blood. It has never appealed to me just as smoking or drinking has never appealed to me. And I really wish more people would follow it instead of racking up the people they've slept with or being in bands and trying to get laid like it's a mission. Sure, we all make mistakes but the minute you claim edge I think you should abide by the rules in all aspects.

What are your thoughts?
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Hey kids... [May. 1st, 2008|05:15 pm]
I got curious and was skimming the old sexystraightedge, and I saw this. It comes at a good time because I've been thinking a lot about that part of me that used to think edge all the time? That's not a very literary way of saying it, but I'll explain, as if anyone cares about the newbie, hah.
I was born and bred in Cincinnati, the steaming hole and location of all things not Straight Edge at all. I claimed when I was 14 (I'm 20 now) and I don't think I know of a single soul from back home who is still with it. They all sold out right after they graduated. They all got on the bandwagon, because in Cincinnati, it was just that. I wasn't into Straight Edge because it was cool. They didn't think I was cool and I didn't need them to because I predicted their infidelity pretty much from day one when they all showed up in matching Shai Hulud tshirts and swoopy bangs with their belts twisted to the side. I'm not knocking the fashion, it was clear that they were not really into the mindset of being Straight Edge, they were into being assholes.
I hate that where I come from Straight Edge is a synonym for misunderstood kids who wear black and have bad attitudes. It's like every other faded sub culture who passed through adolescence. The punks the goths the pop-punkers the emo kids the nerds and their damn new fangled video games.
Teachers thought Straight Edge was a gang.. and we had those, too: The Knuckleheads, Courage Crew... Every kid who wanted to be a UFC fighter suddenly had XCXCX tattooed on his chest and was beating up the kids wearing G.G. Allin shirts and German Bomber Jackets and Romper Stompers.
No one thought that Straight Edge wasn't just about the body... it strengthens your mind, too if you let it.
Now I live in Omaha, Nebraska. I just moved here two months ago. I know about a half dozen people, all military. No one here seems to know what Straight Edge is. They look at you like, "Pardon?" I don't start back up with school until the fall, but something tells me that Jesuit Catholic private school Creighton University has a small market for people who even know who Shai Hulud is. Or Minor Threat for that matter.
I just want some people to rap with about what Straight Edge possibly means here in 2008... a full two decades and then some since it was considered "culturally relevant" to all of the thirty-somethings-pushing-forty-somethings I know who sold out so long ago.
So yeah, that's me. I'm Rachel. I won't go into great detail about why I'm Straight Edge or what my political leanings are or how long it's been since I've eaten meat. I'll wait for someone else to take the conversation from here.
Aside from my diatribes about the lack of passion people have for their beliefs, I would also like to know what sxe films, books, music you all are into these days. I love the book "The Faces of Straight Edge" (I'm a photojournalism major) and all the usuals, "American Hardcore" etc. But being so starved for Edge company makes me wonder what I'm missing out there.
Thanks for reading all that; if you did, you're a champ.
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introduction. [Apr. 30th, 2008|07:17 pm]

I'm Billie, and I am 15 years old. I live in Melbourne, Australia. I am mostly straightedge, the only part that I do not participate in is veganism. That is simply because my parents are against it and won't let me. I made a concious decision to live this way when I was 11.

I've grown up around users, alcoholics, ect. and I have never found it appealing. 

I am currently in school (hating it, yet doing very well). One day I hope to either work with animals, or to do something with music. In my spare time I like listening to music, reading books, going to cafes and playing with animals. People who know just how much I don't like drugs/alcohol are suprised by the music I listen to and the people I look up to (I'm a life-long Courtney Love fan).

That's it for me.
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Hey, guys. [Apr. 19th, 2008|03:28 pm]

[Current Music |Immortal Technique-Dancing With the Devil]

I'm just following suit and reintroducing myself for those who weren't in the last community. I'll make this short and sweet.

My name is Cassandra, I'm 22 and from Western NY. I've been involved in the hardcore scene since I was about twelve but I only recently claimed edge two years ago. When I was fourteen I started to use cocaine and lived with that addiction up until 2006 when I overdosed and decided to check myself into rehab. Even while I was using, I had a firm understanding and respect for what straight edge is. Strangely enough, most of the bands I did like were straight edge hardcore bands yet I made no attempt to live by the lifestyle or the lyrics I so passionately sung along to at shows or in my room. I've been sober and edge for two years now and I can honestly say it's the best decision I've made in life so far.

Other than that, I'm currently a nursing student and part time pastry chef. When I'm not at school or work you're most likely going to find me rinding my bike around or watching Law and Order:SVU. Yeah, I'm kind of a boring person.
I like making new friends and conversing with people on just about anything so feel free to add me on here or on myspace (you have to send me a message first, that's just how my myspace is set up. The link is at the bottom of the page).
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Whoa, this thing is taking off. [Apr. 18th, 2008|01:04 am]

[Current Mood |tired]
[Current Music |Blacklisted]

My name is Blake Pablo-Jerome. I'm 22 and live in Bremerton, WA (You know, MXPX . . . "Move to Bremerton and we'll hang out.") I've lived in the Kitsap area my whole life so far (across the water from Seattle.) At age 13 I decided I would rather stay away from drugs and alcohol. It never appealed to me. At age 15 I discovered straight edge through one of my uncles and the local music scene. I've been straight edge for 7 years. Personal experiences and seeing what drugs have done to people I love first hand have definitely helped me to stay strong in my beliefs.

I'm currently unemployed and hating it. I hope to one day be doing something that I love.

I'm the vocalist for a metalcore band called The Final Collapse. Music, movies and family/friends are an integral part of my life. I also love reading and writing. I enjoy just about every musical genre there is. Other interests include just about anything you can watch on the Discovery Channel and National Geographic. I'm pretty big on cryptozoology.

I love meeting new people and talking about sasquatch or anything else under the sun. Feel free to add me on LJ or MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/blakepwnzj00

My band currently posted our full E.P. on myspace if you want to check it out and add us: http://www.myspace.com/thefinalcollapse

PicsCollapse )
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you're so sweet listening.. [Apr. 17th, 2008|09:01 am]

[Current Location |6018 peregrine ave]
[Current Mood |giddy]
[Current Music |high life scenerary .: the rocket summer]

Hi my name is Ashley originally from Philadelphia currently reside in Orlando, Florida. 22 and a theme park cast member. Straight edge since 2002. I am straightedge and proud of it. Honestly - I felt like i've lost touch with the straightedge movement just from everyone and their mother breaking edge. I feel like straightedge is a bigger joke than it was. I'm not giving up my ground and I'm taking a stand. I try to educate people about the straightedge choice I chose to make. It's hard when you have hard headed people. I wear a hoodie to work that is obnoxious and shows everyone that I'm still edge and I have no plans on breaking that commitment I have made to not only myself but to my fellow straightedge family.

i'm always looking for new friends. you can add me for your private journals or just talk to me here :) i'm so glad that we have a new and fresh community. yay!!

now excuse me while i play some call of duty 4 :)
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(no subject) [Apr. 17th, 2008|01:19 am]

[Current Music |leonard cohen - hallelujah]

my name's gordon, and i'm from los angeles. i don't remember when i literally first began claiming edge, because i was young and i didn't really know what the words meant. i know i was 18 when i made the decision to call myself straight edge and mean it in the sense of forever. i'm 21 now.

i don't know any straight edge people. i have one friend who is in principle, and one friend who is at least when he's around me, and that's about it. i used to be very intolerant, but necessity has forced me to be at least a little nicer. i still hold strong opinions about drugs and alcohol but there's a point where if you want to be sociable, you sort of have to suck it up.

i've never belonged to any sort of internet straight edge group before (or at least paid any attention to it) so this is sort of new to me. i'm hoping it'll turn out well :]
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